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Winner: Pastie Pops Burlesque Revue

It would be remiss to congratulate the Pastie Pops on this victory without first taking a moment for ST Shimi – a beloved performer who helped build the local burlesque scene and died in a tragic accident last December. As the leader of the pioneering local troupe Stars and Garters, Shimi (who starred as Black Orchid, the “Transoceanic Tropical Tease”) gathered his girls every year for a playful little rivalry with the Pops in that same category. Orchid, we miss you and the tireless creative energy you brought to San Antonio! Without further ado, let’s get to the pops: consisting of Jasper St. James (The Big and Tall That Bears It All), Mary Annette (The Doll With No Strings Attached), Vixy Van Hellen (The Bare Bottom of Bexar County), Camille Toe (She’s the One You Wanna Pick), Elle Du Jour (The Contemporary Tease) and Mustang Ryder (The Self-Made Man), the Pops are a delightfully diverse and body-positive troupe known for performances that fuse slapstick with elements of vaudeville and stand up. Rolling with the pandemic punches, the Pops performed three virtual shows during the lockdown and are currently dusting off the acorns for “The Big Strip,” a live performance featuring Mary Annette (with backing from a live band) at the Bonham Exchange on July 31.

2. Burlesque Stars and Garters

3. House of Erotica


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