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By Andy Malt | Posted on Thursday, May 6, 2021

Bauer Media has revealed that it is “reinventing radio for music lovers”. How? ‘Or’ What? Well, that’s going to get you to pay to listen to the radio. As you always wanted.

For just £ 3.99 per month you’ll have access to 20 spinoff channels from the company’s existing stations, Scala Radio, Jazz FM, Planet Rock and Kerrang! Radio. On top of that, there will be on-demand access to over 30 shows from each brand, including exclusive documentaries and artist interviews.

All stations will be broadcast without commercial interruption, and on top of that – and I think this is the “reinvention” – you will be able to skip six tracks per hour when listening through the service’s apps or web player, even on live radio. direct. However, if you’re listening to a station that plays six tracks per hour that you hate enough to skip, you might want to think about listening to something else anyway.

“Radio offers the music, discovery and live experience that are at the heart of its enduring appeal,” said Paul Keenan, president of Bauer Media Audio. “We have seen how, especially over the past year, listeners have turned to radio for information, escape, entertainment and to maintain a connection with the outside world.”

“This premium subscription service innovation responds to an insight that has identified a desire among super music fans – extremely enthusiastic about their favorite radio and broadcast radio brands – to further explore their musical passions,” continued- he. “The combination of the live radio experience, the highest quality curated on-demand programming and broadcasts, as well as new and unique user control is a very compelling combination.”

The service is available now and offers a free seven-day trial. More info here.

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