Amanda Keller Launches Bombshell Living Room News Live On Radio Show


Amanda Keller broke the news that 10’s The living room was canned.

The lifestyle show has been running for over ten seasons and the cast includes Dr. Chris Brown, Barry Du Bois, Miguel Maestre and Keller!

It is a very pleasant family entertainment. However, Keller let listeners on her radio show know that she would not be returning for 2023, she said, “Well, I said I had a big announcement! It is The living room. It’s going to be rested next year, ”she explained.

“We feel that it is time to catch our breath. We’ve been on the air for 11 years. 30 (episodes) a year is a lot to produce. So we’re going to catch our breath… and take our holidays next year.

Keller said she still had hope for the show and that her co-hosts would “pray” it would be on the 10 2024 content slate.

His radio co-host Jonesy said: “So it’s not your decision?”

“It’s a network decision. They want the show to go on, just like us. We are therefore working to refine it, to breathe. I can’t wait to come back, so we will.

Although the show never achieved huge ratings, the news comes after it won the Lifestyle category at the Logie Awards.


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